Another Good News For Our Fashionistas From Versace

Since the Fall collection Lavin did for H&M, another good news for all the fashionistas in the world. The lastest high fashion label Versace is collaborating with Swedish high street fashion brand H&M.

I remember last year when I went to H&M for the Lanvin collection, there was nothing left an hour after started selling. I was really disappointed; and people actually sold them on eBay for a better price.

Personally, Versace has been one of my favorite high end labels since 2005. Their pieces are so strong and amazing! Their evening gowns are the most inspiring to me .

Let’s look at the pictures of Versace doing fitting for the collection.

Gentlemen, y’all are not left behind. Versace also did a collection for menswear as well. I def love this pic. I can’t not wait until this collections starts selling at all H&M stores. It gonna be sold in all the H&M stores on November 17th, 2011. STAY TUNED all the fashionistas.

Pictures from:


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